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It is no longer acceptable to continue supplying and/or using utilities free at point of use or with blanket pricing structures, both can lead to wasteful usage.  Governments and other institutions comment on environmental impact, but the prime concern to businesses is the impact on profitability of rapidly increasing costs and excessive use of utilities. 

Meter-MACS is a cost-effective Solution for all types of Property Businesses and other Utility Re-sellers e.g. Holiday Parks, Marinas, Ports, Commercial / Franchised Lets, Flats, Condominiums, Student Accommodation, Exhibition Facilities. 

SMART Meter-MACS enables businesses to better control, manage and recover utility and other service costs – Electricity, Water, Gas, Parking, Access... SMART Meter-MACS will also provide the information and analysis needed by Management to make informed decisions affecting the future of their businesses. 


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