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Marina Power Distribution, Design, Installation and Testing. Holbrook Revell Electrical have many years experience working in marinas. We started out by carrying out inspection & testing which is required annually in these specialists environments. After this we started to offer call out and repair services. These were successful and we then implemented a plan for design and installation of new electrical distribution systems. These are one of the most expensive areas of marina installation and planned maintenance. Our designers take into consideration factors such as climate, condition, boat traffic and types, local markets and the latest trends and technologies available. Holbrook Electrical can recommend and install a range of smart metering and Pre-pay solutions for Marina and Caravan Park operators. Holbrook Electrical have installed Meter-Macs in 2 locations at Ramsgate Royal Harbour and throughout the entire Marina areas at Dover Harbour Board.    Taking all of these factors in to account will contribute to creating an efficient and robust electrical system. As well as designing & maintaining electrical distribution panels, HRE can also provide fixed or portable main & sub main distribution systems to IP65 & ATEX standards and being an NICEIC contractor the peace of mind that the system […]


Arc Chutes

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So What Are Arc Chutes ? Arc Chutes are used to control and break down the arc within large switches and are found in all shapes and sizes. Most are manufactured from asbestos bonded cement boards. Holbrook Electrical and Engineering can manufacture new NON asbestos arc chutes and Flashguards from GP03 material. We have manufactured as an example a very wide range of superform switchgear Arc Chutes and Flashguards. Samples or drawings are required when enquiring, Holbrook Electrical and Engineering have overhauled (utilising metal parts/blow out coils and contacts) or made total replacements for all shapes and sizes up to 11KV switchgear for industries such as Power, Mining, Manufacturing, Quarrying and Railway Sectors. We offer an on-site inspection and overhaul service within the UK. We can manufacture any quantity priced accordingly these can be supplied in bulk or to a planned maintenance schedule for the client to replace as they carry out testing and checking of their switchgear.  Holbrook Electrical and engineering do this service alongside our retrofit activities and short circuit testing work that we have carried out to South Wales switchgear and English Electric Switchgear. Contact Us If You Would Like More Information Your Name (required) Your Email […]


Wе provide a соmрlеtе рrоfеѕѕіоnаl private nеtwоrk electrical installation ѕеrvісе uр tо 33kV, follow this link and get more information. Frоm specifying аnd supplying еԛuірmеnt, еаrthіng, circuit breakers installations, рrоtесtіоn; grаdіng ѕtudіеѕ thrоugh tо саblе wоrkѕ аnd соmmіѕѕіоnіng, аll projects аrе hаndlеd bу a dedicated Slаtеrѕ project manager thrоughоut. Our еxреrіеnсеd аnd сеrtіfіеd ѕіtе ѕеrvісеѕ engineers provide a complete ѕеrvісе tо operate, mаіntаіn & uрgrаdе сrіtісаl еlесtrісаl іnfrаѕtruсturе іn a ѕаfе, rеlіаblе and efficient соndіtіоn throughout іtѕ еntіrе lіfесусlе. Holbrook Electrical offer a comprehensive installation & commissioning service which includes standard testing and pre-commissioning through to final system commissioning and energisation of all manufacturers switchgear and associated protection and metering devices, including the following; HV SwitchgearMV SwitchgearTransformer ReplacementProtection & Control SystemsSubstation ConstructionProtection & Control Systems With a team of experienced HV/LV Switchgear Personel we can provide support on all the main manufacturers of switchgear and a wide range of retro-fit options.  Working with key manufacturers of the leading brands including Schneider Electric and ABB we have extensive knowledge and experience on the installation and commissioning of most switchgear and associated protection equipment.   Significant installation & commissioning projects carried out by Holbrook Electrical include the installation and commissioning of a 500 KVA […]


Outside Security LightingData Mains Intake RoomData Floor BracknellBracknell Data Storage Centre FloorDovers Green SchoolDengie CropsTrunking and Distribution WorkPower Sockets For UPSTradewise Office Re-fitCommacial Kitchen Re-Wire Why Choose Holbrook ? As an NICEIC approved electrical contractor that has full “Part P” registered approval you can have the confidence that all our installations and system processes meet the highest of standards. We have the ability to deal with your particular requirements – anything from the smallest maintenance jobs through to design and installation of major projects and complex installations. A diverse Service portfolio encompassing all aspects of electrical building services enables Holbrook Electrical and Engineering to offer you complete and innovative project solutions. Holbrook Electrical and Engineering are also accredited members of CHAS, Safecontractor and are registered waste carriers with the Environment agency. Therefore you can be assured that H&S is important to us and any waste generated can be removed and re-cycled safely to help minimise the impact on the environment. Holbrook Electrical and Engineering have many years’ experience working in various environments and specialist areas such as Ports and Harbours, Marinas, River side locations, Industrial units and factories, Power Stations, Retail Outlets, Caravan Parks and Schools and Colleges. Some Of The Services […]