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Ramsgate New Port lighting

Holbrook Electrical can design and install totally new systems or work with your existing infrastructure Ramsgate is a good example of this as we undertook work that covered both areas of this requirement. Ramsgate has an array of 25 metre high climbable lighting towers these were fitted initially with expensive floodlights that contained all the control equipment at high level. Due to the aggressive nature of the environment these units rotted through quickly and had a high failure rate, they were expensive to purchase and labour intensive to replace in difficult conditions working at high level.

Holbrook Electrical sourced alternate cheaper and more robust fittings. We also designed and built lighting control panels to contain all the control equipment at the base of the column so it could be easily accessed For maintenance, repair and testing. Therefore the high level work was massively reduced and keeping a high level of serviceable units in operation became much easier.

Holbrook Electrical have also improved areas of the port lighting as the site has developed. Holbrook Electrical worked with Clancy Docwra to install the services for radiation detection equipment to be installed in the port. As part of this work we had to install new perimeter lighting column and fittings to improve lighting in the working areas and along the exit route.

We have also worked on all the high level lighting in both the port and the Marina areas in Ramsgate.  For other examples of this type of work we have carried our in Ramsgate or at other sites for different customers please give us a call.

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